Surhive is an Argentinian-based consulting and software development company. We provide our customers with software solutions for different environments (web, mobile, custom made platforms) using the newest technologies available.

In this series of blog-posts we want to share some of the experiences we had at Surhive with the community (clients, software developers, general audience) with several purposes. First, to share our solutions to common problems -not to reinvent the wheel- with programmers. Second, to receive feedback about our approaches and evolve based on that.

One of our biggest customers is a major player (pun intended) in the sport betting industry. The challenges we face in this case come from different contexts:

  • heavily distributed system,
  • high concurrency,
  • zero down-time,
  • forensics and legal auditing requirements,
  • privacy of sensitive information,
  • thousands of changes per minute,
  • peak traffic during major sports events, amongst others

This imposes restrictions (temporal guarantees, consistency, security) that influence the system architecture and infrastructure and introduces a number of interesting problems to solve that we want to share with others.

So welcome and read on!